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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


A Life-and-Death Situation

by Jerry P., Illinois

My daughter was pregnant with her third child, scheduled to deliver Friday, March 9, 2012, by C-section.

Healing School—Online From Branson

by W.P., Washington

I watched the Healing School service this morning online from Branson and received healing in my knees. There’s no more pain or swelling.

I Love Pastor George’s Teachings

by Nannette L., Minnesota

I so love Pastor George's teachings on prosperity.

‘Tongues.... Life Changing'

by T.H., California

Pastors George and Terri are amazing—they really minister to me! I began speaking in tongues after they taught on it a few months ago. It has been life changing.


Delivered From Life Sentence

by M. Whitehead,

Listen to Mickey Whitehead’s testimony and let your faith rise. It’s true! What God did for him will show you that God can take care of your situation.

Jesus—The Great Physician

by J.L., France

We truly serve a living and prayer-answering God—hallelujah! First of all let me thank you for your prayers for me, all the time, and in particular this time for my daughter.

The Blessed Life

by J.F., Germany

Thank God for how He has used your ministry time and again to bless my life. Recently, I was so discouraged due to the challenges my husband and I were going through financially.

A Father to the Fatherless

by C.N., England

Although I’ve been a Christian for 13 years now, I’ve had a hard time trusting God as my Father because of the way my biological father treated me.

Vision Restored

by P.M., Canada

My son was diagnosed with astigmatism. He was told to wear glasses and a patch over the “lazy” eye.

'God Has a Master Plan'

by E., Kenya

I watched your program for the first time. I am from Kenya and I’ve also rededicated my life to Christ. I feel very humble and thank God for what happened to me.