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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


I Am Finally Healed!

by M.E., Ukraine

I had neck osteochondrosis and medical treatment gave me no relief. Pain didn’t leave me and my right arm wouldn’t rise up.

Stronger in Faith

by L.N., Sweden

God answers prayer! You have prayed and been standing in faith for the healing of my wife. Now I can give you a praise report! Heidi is healed—to all the doctors’ surprise.

'Don’t Quit'

by J.A., Wales

Thank you for your kind letter, prayers and encouraging words. It has been a long, hard battle, but as Gloria says, “Don’t quit.” The Word works.

Believed God’s Word—Became Debt Free

by L.W., United Kingdom

I am sending this to give God thanks for becoming debt free as a result of believing God’s Word.

Faithful to His Word

by K.O.I., England

My IT contract came to an end in September 2009. I’d proceeded to job hunt since that date. It became a very frustrating and harrowing experience.

Living in a Higher Place

by L.T., Germany

In spite of the tough situation with unemployment in Germany, my son has a very good job. As Kenneth teaches, faith does not depend on economics.

LifeLine Kit Provides Help

by J.C., England

I fell very ill and at one point believed I was dying. The Lord used your 10-day Healing & Wellness Lifeline Kit to heal me. Since then I have not been ill, and given up painkillers!

A Grateful Heart

by S.L.W., Kenya

Thank you so much for the tremendous blessing that you and KCM have been to me and our ministry outreach to Kenya.

Bondages Broken

by T.G., Canada

God has set me free from a smoking habit of 27 years and a drug problem of 13 years. Thank God I’m set free from bondage!

Supernatural Restoration

by C.B., Florida

Even though I have been a Christian all my life, you have made a big difference in it. I’m in my 70s now and in good health—thank God! However, I wasn’t so happy late last year.