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by R.D., Victoria, Australia

I thank God for your ministry and give Him all the praise for having you in my life. Twenty-two years ago, I was led to tune in to your broadcast and I have rejoiced in your ministry ever since.

'A Better Job'

by R.M., Kenya

I prayed the prayer of agreement with one of your staff in the prayer department regarding a better job. I went for a job interview and was employed at a better job.

Supernatural Debt Relief

by Vicky M., Philippines

I just want to give God glory for supernaturally bringing us out of a huge debt of close to 6 million pesos [around $150,000 U.S.].

60 Years Old, and He Found a Job!

by M.B., Ontario, Canada

After three years of believing, praying and standing on God’s Word, my husband has a job! He is over 60, and in the 3 percent “they” say likely won’t find one. Ha! Ha!

Surgery Not Required!

by G.M., Saskatchewan, Canada

I called in for prayer a few weeks ago—doctors were saying I had a tumor on my pituitary optic nerve and I would need surgery. I am very happy to say that today I do not need the surgery.

Daughter-in-Law’s Test Results Negative!

by S.E., India

I sent an email on Jan. 27, 2012, requesting prayer for my daughter-in-law who had been suffering from a growth in the thyroid gland. She has undergone tests and the results proved negative.

Prayer Brings Peace and Healing

by T.H., Berlin, Germany

I’m an American opera singer living in Berlin. I’ve been experiencing hardship for the past three months due to symptoms of severe bronchitis.

Supreme Court Victory

by J.M., Tyler, Texas

I’m a widow who was being sued by a major credit-card company because of my deceased husband’s debt.

LifeLine Kits Led to Her Healing

by Blanche A., Pennsylvania

I used the Healing & Wellness and How to Get Your Prayers Answered LifeLine Kit. The result was no more kidney problems, no more blood clots!

Healed by the Power of God

by C.T., Carrollton, Texas

I watched Pastors George and Terri teach on healing at the beginning of this year. When Pastor George prayed, I felt the power of God go into my body and I claimed healing for my ankles.