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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Harvest of Blessings

by B.S., Chambersburg, Pa.

Our son was blessed with a job just one week after being released from prison, then God gave him favor to be able to continue his college education.


by C.C., St. John, Virgin Islands

When Billy Burke prayed on VICTORY Channel™, I received my eyesight back! My husband received his strength in his hands; and my bladder was healed.

God's Promised Healing

by L.S., Milwaukee, Wis.

God saved me from near death. I have declared Psalm 91 over my life for years. It has never failed me, and it was there for me again!

Debt Forgiven

by B.S., Von Orney, Texas

I received my tax refund in the mail. I wasn't supposed to get one because of school loans, but my debt was forgiven! I'm praising the Lord.

The Hand of God in Prison

by C.M., Arizona

I want to thank you all for being the extended hand of God with your prison ministry. I was arrested in 1992 and spent the next 27 years of my life incarcerated.

Anointed Books Are Life-Changing

by S.T., Zambia

One thing I have enjoyed about your ministry is your books, which are very clear to understand and heavily anointed.


by J.G., Lexington Park, MD

Praise God for His awesome deliverance. During the KCM VICTORYTHON™ last September, the invitation to pray for someone incarcerated was given.


by K.H., Tacoma, WA

As a teen, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Then I was rear-ended twice in one year and my back began to bother me all the time.

Healing Received by Faith

by R.M., Country Club Hills, IL

I was drawn to the “taking a stand against coronavirus” program. I listened, prayed, took Communion and received my healing! Only an ache remained, and I continued to declare my healing.

‘Year of Supernatural Increase’

by M.S., Louisville, KY

During the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of my income decreasing, it has increased like never before. This is truly a year of supernatural increase. To God be the glory!