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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Tithing Opens the Door

by J.A., Hobe Sound, FL

Your message about tithing is so very true. It breaks the hold that money can have when those greedy temptations rise in my flesh.

Increased Commissions

by J.D., Buford, GA

I know this is the first of many testimonies I will have from VICTORYthon™ 2019! It was discovered today that I was not paid correctly for an upgrade to an account that I sold back in May.

The Laws of Prosperity Opened Her Eyes

by A.S., Texas

I have known poverty, struggle, strife for over 20 years, unable to leave it behind. I have remained faithful to God, and did not understand why this kept happening.

Lost and Found

by L.G., Aiken, SC

I never gave up praying for some items I had lost years ago. I had asked you to pray that they be found, then breakthrough! I found the missing items in a rolled-up blanket.

Improved Kidney Function

by A.F., Phoenix, AZ

A couple weeks ago I asked for agreement in prayer regarding my kidneys, and testing I’m going through to determine if I need a transplant.

'God Has Healed My Body'

by P.P., Early, TX

I’m enjoying the Sunday services. God speaks to me through you and BVOV. I have changed churches to go on Saturday, so I can be at home to worship with you all on Sunday.

'The Pain Is GONE!'

by J.F., Afton, WY

I am 64 years old, and work as an EMT. For the past year, my lower back has been bothering me. At times, the pain gets so bad I cannot walk and need to sit down.

'Healed of Inflammation'

by E.M., Canada

I was watching BVOV and was healed of inflammation in my right wrist. As Kenneth gave a word of knowledge, I received it! Praise the Lord, ALL the pain is gone. Thank you.

Laughter Really Is Good Medicine

by G.G., North Liberty, IA

Recently, I hit my baby toe really hard while on my treadmill—so hard I heard something. I knew I had broken my toe. I prayed and began to confess my healing.

Limitless Love Changed Her

by L.F., Carthage, TX

As I read my Limitless Love devotional, I wanted to thank Kenneth and Gloria for obeying God. For a while, God dealt with me to get it, but I wouldn’t.