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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Forgiveness Opened My Eyes

by E.K., Norway

Thank you so much for the letters I receive as a Partner and for prayer when I need it.

You Stood With Me for My Healing!

by Ann C., Woking, Surrey

When I got sick a year ago, God encouraged me to ring you. Speaking with and having you pray for me was so powerful. I needed people who understood the Word of God and how to pray in faith.

‘Our Business Is Growing’

by R. and J.W., New York

We are Partners with KCM, and wanted to thank you for the prayers. Our business is growing.

'The Meaning of Salvation'

by K.B., Illinois

The meaning of salvation had never been made clear to me until I listened to Kenneth and Gloria’s CDs. There is so much more I’ve gained from just these two CDs.

Saved and Delivered

by J. and K.P., California

Thank you for your prayers. My grandson, who was strung out on cocaine, has gotten saved and is back home with his wife and four sons. 

‘He Redeemed My Life From Destruction’

by L.V., Ukraine

Three times I received treatment for alcohol addiction. Twice I was forced to do so. I did everything I knew, but then I would start drinking again. The diagnosis was chronic alcoholism.

‘God Came to Live in Me’

by T.V., Canada

Over a year ago, I walked away from God. I’d had enough of God and Christians alike. I was tired of hearing how good God was. Day after day I saw God's people crying out to Him to no avail.

I Received Jesus

by P.L., Texas

I recently received Jesus while watching the BVOV broadcast.

Thank You, KCM

by M.F., Texas

I want to thank KCM for opening my eyes to accepting Christ. KCM is the reason for everything that has happened.

'God Promoted Me'

by G.B.J., Virginia

I wanted Brother Copeland to know that I’m living out the Abrahamic Covenant BLESSING. I’m grateful for his teachings and book THE BLESSING.