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You Stood With Me for My Healing!

by Ann C. , Woking, Surrey

When I got sick a year ago, God encouraged me to ring you. Speaking with and having you pray for me was so powerful. I needed people who understood the Word of God and how to pray in faith. I bought CDs from the ministry and listened to them over and over, especially when the doctors thought I had some rare disease they had no cure for. 
At this point I phoned you again and you stood with me in faith that Jesus had healed me. To know KCM was standing with me at that point was invaluable. 
I kept thanking God and worshiping Him, spoke scriptures over myself and continued immersing myself in the teaching of Kenneth Copeland. I received my healing and the manifestation of it. Thank you with all my heart for your prayer teams and your ministry. Without you I would not have known how to stand in this very difficult time. 
I can’t find the words to tell you how much you have helped me in such a dark time. Your prayers entered heaven and manifested in the earth. I thank God for you. Jesus is Lord!