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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


'LOVE and a Little Help'

by G.W., Texas

I know all is well with the family because I watch EMIC and VICTORY Channel on my phone. I was experiencing hell on earth at the homeless shelter where I reside temporarily.

Symptoms Completely Gone!

by C.P., Two Harbors, MN

I called for agreement for healing from an intestinal infection. After praying with a prayer minister, I was much improved the next day. The symptoms were gone within 48 hours. Praise the Lord!

Jesus Changes Everything

by C.H., Georgia

God bless you and your Jesus team. I watch you and Gloria on Church TV and have learned a lot from y’all.

Fear Had to Go!

by V.R., Jacksonville, NC

I had mailed a cashier’s check to pay my rent, but the express package got lost. When I began to fear, I told fear it had to go!

VICTORY Fills the Void

by D.A., Ankeny, IA

Thank you for VICTORY Channel® and the excellent coverage of the election process and status. It has filled the void after turning away from the usual media news sources.

Grown Up in the Word

by R.S., Bowie, TX

I attended EMIC for eight years. During that time, I attended Prayer School on Thursdays. Pastor Terri emphasized praying in the spirit and confessing the Word of God in prayer.

Effectual Prayer

by S.K., Kokomo, IN

My niece was rushed to the hospital, not knowing what was wrong. I called the KCM prayer line and someone there prayed for all medications and procedures to do what they're supposed to.

The Power of Agreement

by K.S., Festus, MO

In February 2020, I called the KCM prayer line for agreement regarding a new job for my son.


God's Complete Healing

by R., South Africa

I had sleepless nights for almost two months with headaches and all manner of discomfort. A few days ago I submitted my prayer request. God is good—He healed me completely.

Obedient and Pain Free

by W.E., Michigan

On BVOV there was a word of knowledge about someone who had a back problem and sciatica.