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‘We Refused to Fear’

by J.M. , U.K.

A few weeks ago, I asked you to stand in faith with us for my husband regarding his job. I wanted to let you know what has happened!
Sitting in his office, when he had finished off every last piece of work he could do for anyone, he got a phone call from a job agency asking if he would be interested in a position that had just come through. He interviewed for the position and got the job! It pays almost twice as much as the previous job and he’s working on developing a database doing exactly what he’s wanted to do.
Praise God, He is so good. We are rejoicing and very thankful. Thank you for standing with us. We refused to give place to fear, and trusted God, thanking Him for my husband’s next assignment and it came quickly! Thank you once again for teaching us the truth and how to trust God.