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An Unseen Wall Between Their Home and the Fire

by Lorna Skewes, New South Wales, Australia

I should have sent this in before now, but in December '09, a lightning strike began a bushfire on our property. The fire burned for close to a week. On the fourth day of the fire our home was threatened. At no time did we feel the need to evacuate. Instead, we had a reassurance within our spirits to stand and fight this natural force spiritually. My daughters and I stood on our house verandah rebuking the fire in Jesus’ Name. We were reminded of when Jesus calmed the stormy waters, and knew we have that same power available to us because of His Name and His blood. Even the fire trucks raced to our home and waited for several hours as the fire sat on the mountaintop right before our home. Eventually they moved to another part of the property as the out-of-control fire just sat unmoving. It was as if an unseen wall was between our home and the fire. We give thanks to God for our home being saved and no injuries to the fire crews fighting the fires over that week. Our thanks also go to the staff at KCM for standing with us in prayer during that time.