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Totally Restored

by R.H., Mississippi

I had major surgery on my right shoulder. After completing rehab I still had limited range of motion and was unable to reach straight above my head. 

I watched a message from last year’s Omaha meeting, “God’s Prescription for Life and Health,” and after praying along with Mr. Copeland, he said to do something I had not been able to do. So I raised up my right arm and to my surprise, had no difficulty! I then moved it every which way I could and now have full range of motion, no pain or stiffness. I even lifted a 5-pound weight above my shoulder, which I could not do even with no weight, and was able to send it straight up. I've been moving my arm, doing windmills and stretching; and have no problem moving it any way I want! 

Thank you for making those meetings available for us.