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Situation Shifts Through Prayer

by Colleen C. , Ontario, Canada

I live in northern Ontario. Recently, we had a very large forest fire that was burning out of control and was very close to the centre of the city. We also had high winds that were pushing the fire toward the city. I called KCM for prayer. They prayed for the city, my property and the firefighters who were fighting the fire.
A prayer partner called my home the next day to say that they were praying and they would continue to hold us up in prayer through the next week. Within a couple of hours the winds stopped and cooler weather and rain began. Within a week the fire was being listed as "held" and the people who had homes/cottages within the fire perimeter were slowly allowed back onto their properties. Thank you so much for your prayers and faithfulness. They provided peace and comfort during a difficult time. I also know that it was because of this prayer that the situation turned around for the good.