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Sharing the Gospel With Those Behind Bars

by John S. , Texas

Thanks a million for the Bibles and other devotional books. As a chaplain, I see many wonderful things that God is doing in our midst. The day after receiving the Bibles I was called by one of our officers saying that an inmate had just received some bad news and needed to talk to me as soon as possible. I called him to my office and he told me his story. His life included years of heroin addiction and run-ins with the law. He had been locked up numerous times in the past. That day just an hour before, he had received a bad report from the doctor. His world was turned upside down. After some time visiting with him, God allowed me to tell him about our Savior’s love. He invited Jesus into his heart and asked God to save him. I gave him a Bible and asked him to write his name in it with the date Jesus had come into his heart. It is great to be able to give an inmate one of the small books that’s applicable to his particular need, like The Power to Live a New Life and many others that are easy to read and personally beneficial to them. I rejoice. Thank you all for what you’re doing. We are blessed by your obedience and faithfulness.