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Set Free in Charlotte

by R. and P. , U.S.

We are truly thankful you came to Charlotte. It was like a cup of cool water in a dry place. Kellie, your Saturday teaching was a true revelation—I was sorry it was not timely for you to continue. We would have stayed all day. Thank you for laying hands on me and letting Jesus work a work in me. While we were with you, it suddenly dawned on me: This is the reality. We must see things from God’s point of view. 
Thank you for the revelation and realization that God is our partner. For me this came as a jolt, as I was raised to believe He was always watching and waiting to punish me if I made a mistake, and that I was on my own to try and live what He commands. I had since learned that God is good and He loves us, but somehow this was still in me. Its power was broken on April 9. We are so honored to be Partners with you, to have been parented in our spiritual upbringing and to see God’s love walked out in honor and integrity here in the earth.