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Safety From Above

by C.W., Oklahoma

We had a burden to pray for our community because of gang activity and the drug trade, so we decided to fast and seek the Lord. After completing the fast, we took Communion, proclaiming Isaiah 58:6-12 and reminding the Lord of our commitment to His blood covenant. We were scheduled to eat on Saturday morning, and had been up late praying in the spirit and singing praises. The Lord showed us two demonic strongholds operating in our community—a spirit of violence and a drug devil. We commanded them to leave and knew we had obtained the victory in prayer.
The next morning, my wife, Karen, went grocery shopping. As she was placing the groceries onto the passenger seat of the van, she heard the Holy Spirit say, Lock the door! She hit the lock button on the door, which electronically locked all the doors to the van. As she walked around the back of the vehicle to come in between our van and another one, a man who had been hiding on the other side of the van jumped up, looked at Karen, and shouted, “Give me your money or I will shoot you!” 
When Karen asked the Lord what should she do, she heard these words: Slap him!
Before she could think, Karen asked the man, “Do you know about the blood of Jesus?” When he repeated his demand and threat, Karen said, “I know about the blood of Jesus and I bind you, Satan!” 
When he tried to raise his pistol to fire, he couldn’t lift his hand. He kept jerking it. Then he started staring at his hand. Then, Karen reached up and slapped the man across the face with all her might! God must have been in it, because she’s only 5 feet 2 inches and the man was over 6 feet tall. When the man dropped to the ground on his knees, Karen ran back into the store and a security guard called the police. 
A couple of weeks later, a police detective called and said the store cameras had recorded the entire episode and that the man had been identified. A warrant had been issued for his arrest. The detective also told us how three other detectives had continuously replayed the video while laughing hysterically at the little woman who slapped the gunman to the ground! 
God is good! Psalm 91 proclaimed and believed will stop gunmen, for it is written: “No weapon [gun, knife, fist] that is formed against thee shall prosper...” Isaiah 54:17.