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Perfect Timing

by L.B. , Portugal

I want to thank you for standing with me in faith. I phoned your U.K. office and asked for prayer, as we needed God to come through for us financially. We are retired and have a warehouse that we rent out, but since last July it had been vacant.
The next afternoon my bell rang and it was a gentleman from the insurance company. We had taken out a retirement annuity policy 10 years ago and thought it would only come to term when my husband turned 60. He said he was looking through some files in his computer and my husband’s name came up. He realized that this policy was now due to us, so he personally came to our house, which is not the norm, and told my husband to go to the insurance company and pick up the check.
I told my husband I had called your office and asked for prayer. We were amazed at how quickly God answered. There is power in agreement. God bless your ministry.