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Over and Above

by J.P., Colorado

I was watching FlashPoint while waiting for my next work assignment from the Lord and my $1400 check from the government. At the end of the program Tony (Suarez) said, “There's someone waiting on your stimulus check. I'm sending you another miracle check. While you're waiting and looking to Capitol Hill to be your source, lift your eyes to Me, and you'll testify to VICTORY Channel.” I knew God was speaking to me. 

Within a few weeks the Lord gave me my new work assignment in Washington state, where I really wanted to go, with the best family I've worked for since I've been doing live-in caregiving. My salary is generous, the family takes great care of me, and they appreciate everything I do. I also get to help care for the son's dog, part of my prayer request. The Lord provided all and more than I asked for, as He always does, plus I did receive my stimulus when I stopped waiting for it. God is awesome.