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Not Luck—Heavenly Protection

by M.G., Texas

The week before Thanksgiving my family drove to Iowa from Fort Worth to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. My husband has had some health challenges and while driving he experienced a blackout. He lost control of the car going about 75 miles per hour.
I had Kenneth Copeland’s CD You Are the Prophet of Your Own Life in the car. It was the end of one of the CDs and Kenneth was repeating, “Jesus is Lord” over and over. And then we went into a spin.
There was a highway patrolman who saw the whole thing. He came running over and said, “I can’t believe what I just saw. You are the luckiest people I have ever seen.” He said he has been in highway patrol for 25 years and has never seen anyone walk away from what happened to us. He said it was luck, but I told him, “No, sir, this was my God and His angels protecting us.” It was truly a miracle. I pray a bloodline around my family every day. I told my sons this is what happens when you pray. It truly is a testimony of His covering. I thank God for Kenneth Copeland Ministries.