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‘My Dream Is to Minister to Women in Prison’

by J.P., Delray Beach, Fla.

Praise the Lord! I want to thank Kenneth Copeland Ministries as I received so much support and reading material while I was incarcerated in North Carolina. I know firsthand how much this ministry does for prisoners, because I was one of them more than once. I was saved in prison. I remember the words of the song that was playing that day: “This is the air I breathe.... I'm lost without You....” I remember the hole in my heart and the emptiness I felt until the day I accepted Christ. 
Now, three years later, I live a normal Christ-filled life in Florida. I am alcohol-, drug- and nicotine-free. I work in a large sales office in Boca Raton, as a compliance/quality assurance agent, overseeing 400 sales agents. I am beautiful, my eyes shine bright with the love of Christ, my face glows—I am a new creation. I am being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, as I desire to serve the Lord with every fiber of my being. I know the Lord will use me to further His kingdom. I want other women and men to know the love of Jesus. My dream is to minister to women in prison. The time is now! I believe I am chosen to serve Jesus. I am healthy, vibrant, compassionate and ready to serve anywhere the Lord calls me.