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‘A Miracle Happened!’

by Irina G. , Russia

I was in an accident and had two surgeries. I was not able to walk for a long time. Doctors told me that I would not walk at all, but praise God, a miracle happened: I started walking! 
Kenneth and Gloria’s broadcasts helped me a lot. I did everything I heard from them. I made notes and fed myself with the Word of God. I read all the scriptures on healing. I just lived in them—not listening to what the doctors said. When I personally brought them the last X-ray results of my legs, they were amazed. They say, “Good work! You managed with it.” But I know that it is God’s glory, not mine. I am 58 years old. Recovering at such an age is not an easy thing, but not for the Lord! I often reread your books and every time some new truths open to me. I carefully examined the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Every morning, I wake up and my first thought is Love. That is the thought sent by the Holy Spirit and He continues working with me in this direction.