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Live Long, Finish Strong...It’s Never Too Late!

by Andrea Stahl , Michigan

Dear Gloria, for the past year, I've been reading your book Live Long, Finish Strong. It's a wonderful book full of such wisdom. My mother-in-law will be 103 years old March 3 [2011].Tonight we were at her home and she finally accepted Jesus into her heart. I cannot tell you how joyful my husband and I are. In our family, we have a real example of long life to observe. If I were to pick what it was that kept her living long and strong, I would have to say that she always kept her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren close to her. She would babysit all of them at one time on a regular basis. She has always loved having the children around her. Thank you for teaching this message. Your book and teaching made it much easier for us not to give up on our faith for her salvation. Thank you, Gloria—praise the Lord!