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Laughter Really Is Good Medicine

by G.G., North Liberty, IA

Recently, I hit my baby toe really hard while on my treadmill—so hard I heard something. I knew I had broken my toe. I prayed and began to confess my healing. I was just about to go take medicine and the Holy Spirit said, Laugh. Laugh? I felt more like crying! But God brought back to me that on VICTORY Channel™ I had been watching the Believer’s Voice of Victory and this week Kenneth Copeland had Dr. Avery Jackson as a guest. I remembered what Dr. Jackson said about laughter. So, I laughed. I thought I was as off as two left shoes, but I kept laughing anyway. I started noticing a difference in the pain, and as I kept laughing, the pain began to subside. Over the next few days, I kept confessing and laughing. Well, I would like you to know I have no swelling, no more pain and I can wiggle my toes. I am totally HEALED.