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I Have More Faith Each Day

by C.A. , Idaho

To make a long story short, I have lost the most important earthly thing in my life—my family. Over the last few months I have been through so much that at one point, I thought about ending it all. That night as I sat contemplating my life, I turned on Daystar, and Jeremy Pearsons was teaching about “rest.” I sat there and listened to him, and I felt better. I came back the next night and listened again. By the time his teaching was done, I had repented and rededicated my life to my Lord Jesus Christ. I am still dealing with my mistakes, but as each day passes I have more faith than the day before. My sin was against my family, and when this came to light, I knew I had done wrong. I have given my problems to the Lord and pray that somehow my family can forgive me. I know Jesus has forgiven me, thanks to the Word of God and your ministry.