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His Word Is True

by J.D. , Switzerland

I want to thank KCM for guiding me through the truth in God’s Word about healing and blessings in life. We now have a 1-year-old daughter who is truly blessed.
I had the most severe type of leukemia, which was treated with very harsh chemo. I had three miscarriages prior to this and also lost my baby at 12 weeks during chemo. From the doctor’s point of view they said I would not be able to have children. But for me things were a lot different as I started an amazing walk of faith with God. The first day I was diagnosed, I opened my Bible and had my husband read to me, as I was too weak to do so. He read James 1. God was telling us about having joy no matter what tough times we may experience. I was thinking, Surely not now—losing a baby we waited for so long and the chance of dying in the next couple of weeks. But we took it—and with every bit of energy in me, I tried to stay cheerful. Every day when someone asked how I was, it was an opportunity for joyfulness.
Once the treatments were done and I had the all-clear, fear started. What if it comes back again? And that was the toughest part of the journey. I took the Bible and started reading—for hours and hours. God spoke to me in so many different ways that I had absolute surety it’s Him who wants me well for a long time. He gave me the scripture of Luke 1, where Elizabeth was told she would have a baby. I took it for myself, started speaking about the baby and never spoke words of doubt. Less than a year later, our daughter was born!