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Heavenly Intervention

by R.B., Canada

Recently, I had been considering dropping my partnership with KCM because of a reduction in my financial situation. I have not been able to watch the daily programs and have fallen behind in reading the BVOV magazine, which I find most inspiring.
Then something happened that changed my mind. There was a snowstorm, but I decided to go and visit my cousin who is in a nursing home—I’m her only visitor. I was driving and suddenly a grey car came right at me from a side street. There was no way to avoid a crash and I yelled out, “God help me!” The car came toward me, but my car was not hit.
I have heard of things like this happening to other people, and now I have experienced it myself. I knew instinctively that God intervened, and later I realized someone was praying for me. Then, it came to my mind that Kenneth and Gloria Copeland pray for their Partners every day and their prayers had benefited me.