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Healed and Made Whole

by Y.M., Illinois

God brought forth a miracle healing and resurrection in my father. He became very ill while in the care of a family member, was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with bone cancer that had spread throughout his body. They also discovered other illnesses (enlarged lymph nodes, diabetes, etc.) which he never suffered from until now. The enemy attacked his body viciously.
When he became ill, I wasn’t moved or bothered because the heavenly Father had healed him other times. The doctor told my sister and brother to begin making funeral arrangements for him, because they didn’t expect him to live. I called your prayer ministry team to receive prayer for his healing. During this time I also fasted, took Communion and stayed in prayer.
The family met to begin making funeral arrangements because at this time my father had gone into a coma and was on life support. The following day it was my family’s decision to take him off life support. I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, He will not die, but live. After the meeting we all went to the hospital, basically to give our last goodbyes, but I knew the Lord would not allow him to die. I walk by faith and not by sight!
Later, I received a call from my sister telling me the hospital had called her and my father miraculously came back to life and they wanted to do some tests on him. I just screamed and ran around my house giving thanks to God! Hallelujah!