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Grown Up in the Word

by R.S., Bowie, TX

I attended EMIC for eight years. During that time, I attended Prayer School on Thursdays. Pastor Terri emphasized praying in the spirit and confessing the Word of God in prayer. I also worked at KCM. I had some hard times, but thank God I was at EMIC and KCM to overcome them and see the victory. When I moved to another state, I couldn’t find a Word of Faith church or fellowship. In fact, I was told I was arrogant about the Word. But thank God I was filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I would just “hit it in tongues” so I could stand and walk confidently. I knew God was faithful to perform His Word and I was faithful to confess it. EMIC and KCM changed me and grew me up in the Word and now I never shrink back from any situation.