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God Prepared a Job Just for Me!

by R.M., Canada

I am a born-again believer, and ever since my friend told me, I am reading your BVOV magazine from 2009. It has been a great blessing in both finance and home situation. The most wonderful experience I recall with BVOV is when my company was laying off 30 percent of the staff. I kept reading the magazine first thing in the morning in the Montreal subway going to work. The only words are blessing and nothing else. This kept my faith high and I started believing and praying not for my job only, but for all the people in my department. What a miracle, none of the people in my department got laid off! I started believing that if we are children of God we have to be a blessing not only for ourselves but for others too. We are a channel God is using to fulfill His plan for the whole world. 
Another miracle happened last month when I applied for a better position in another department. I was waiting for my second interview on a Friday. I was reading the magazine and suddenly my eyes started reading an article regarding promotion. This was from a portion of the book written by Kenneth Copeland and I started believing wholeheartedly as it ended with the sentence: God will exalt His people who are faithful in their jobs and fear not there is a new promotion waiting for you. 
The same morning when I sat at my desk, Human Resources called—the higher manager wanted to talk to me personally to know how I felt about the new position. One week later they called and confirmed my promotion and the exact same salary that was revealed to me during a Sunday worship! I know this position was carefully chosen and created by God just for me! 
Your magazine is truly a victory for those who believe in the Word of God!