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'God Is Good, Real and Faithful'

by D.G., United Kingdom

Early last year I experienced a severe heart attack, which I believe was Satan’s plan to kill me. While in the hospital God told me to write out various verses of scripture to use as a confession of faith. 
My wife contacted your office requesting prayer for me, which you responded to with a gracious letter and two minibooks. Both had a profound effect on my recovery. They were God Has Your Miracle on His Mind by Gloria Copeland and God’s Creative Power for Healing by Charles Capps. I used the confessions for the heart, blood, arteries, cells and immune system every day while waiting for and following my operation. The results were that I came through the surgery and made such a quick recovery that I was released from the hospital in five days.
After six weeks I had a follow-up meeting with one of the surgeons who operated on me. During the meeting he mentioned that part of my sickness was an irregular heartbeat which could not be cured and required taking a particular drug for the rest of my life. However, he could now find no trace of it. He was astounded at my progress and said further visits were not necessary.
Through the teaching I had received as a Partner with KCM and by having faith that the words of my confession would bring me through this trauma, both my wife and I had complete peace. I believe God has kept His promise of a new heart and now I am determined to keep my side of the agreement—to declare His wonderful works. Our God is good, real and faithful—just as Kenneth and Gloria teach. Thank you for your faithfulness.