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Freed From the Curse

by A.S., California

I was the woman with the issue of blood. I went to many doctors, who all told me there was no cure, so to go home and take it easy because my heart could stop at any time. I lived like that for many years.  

Two years ago I started listening to Sister Gloria’s Healing School all night in bed. Although I could not understand why symptoms persisted, I knew I was healed according to Scripture. Recently, despite much resistance, I made it to a Bill Winston conference. His guest speaker began prophesying over people. He called me to come forward and said, “God is healing your blood today.”  

I received it and all of a sudden was filled with energy—I felt like a whole person for the first time in over 49 years! I no longer carry that curse with me. I thank God for the teachings I receive from KCM. You taught me how to receive God’s promises.