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Forgiveness Opened My Eyes

by E.K. , Norway

Thank you so much for the letters I receive as a Partner and for prayer when I need it. I want to report that I was so helped by Brother Copeland’s teaching on responding with love when people are evil toward you. I struggled to forgive someone who had done me much harm. It took me eight months to actually begin to love that person as Jesus wanted me to love him. Then I prayed blessings upon him in all sincerity. I had prayed, "Bless him, Lord," without feeling sincere about it, but in May I really meant it. All bitterness was gone. Today I found out the Lord answered one of my prayers for him and he got a visa to India for a family reunion that was impossible to get. He got it two days before his trip. I know my God gave him that visa because I fasted and prayed for it and exercised faith that God would move for him. I am so grateful for all the teachings that made me understand how deeply God loves me, how He wants me to love those who hurt me and be His connection to them.