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Family Untouched by Massive Tornado

by Heidi Hislope , Berea, Ky.

April 27, 2011, an F5 tornado destroyed the little town I grew up in, Hackleburg, Ala. My son, mother and uncle still live there, and my daughter lives just a few miles away. Earlier that morning, when my husband and I heard that the storms were coming to Alabama, we both (separately and unbeknownst to the other) began to pray for God to spare our family there, personally and property-wise. Our son is a firefighter/EMT in Hackleburg, and was in the fire station/jail when it took a direct hit from the massive tornado. He survived without a scratch, as did everyone in the building. Fifteen people crowded into a single jail cell, and all survived. Our son's truck was parked behind the building, and it survived without even having glass broken out. The homes of all my family passed through the storm completely intact. Thank you for teaching me that I do have dominion over storms, through the power of God that is in me. It helped save my family's lives that day.