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Dad Is in Heaven With Jesus

by Nancy Watson, Alabama

Thank you, KCM prayer line! I called daily for prayer as my family walked my dad through lymphoma cancer. When my sister visited, Dad fainted and stopped breathing. She held him in her arms praying, “Jesus, have mercy.” After two minutes, Jesus brought him back. We were very grateful, as we were unsure of Dad’s salvation. And it was a testimony to my stepmom as well. 
One day she needed a miracle—she fell on her face and hit a rock in the garden while waiting for a delivery. The deliverymen were to come between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. They drove up just as she fell and were there to help her up, call 911 and wait with her for the paramedics. Dad was already hospitalized when this happened, and she was then unable to drive. Neighbors and family assisted and Jesus arranged for one person to arrive as another left.
Every need—in health, driving to the hospital, at home, hospice and caring for Dad—was always met in the midst of my dad and stepmom’s physical challenges. The greatest miracle was in my dad’s passing. Jesus gave me a vision of Him holding my dad in His arms, then turning to walk toward heaven, confirming his salvation. My stepmom sang “In the Garden” and my sister sang “Amazing Grace” as Dad passed into Jesus’ arms. How precious and loving is our Savior! And one day we will walk hand in hand in the gardens of heaven, laughing, singing, picking roses and wildflowers (Dad’s favorite).