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Coming out of Fear

by M.M. , USA

I do want to thank Kenneth again for sharing his personal notes with his partners. So often something he has written answers a question that I had or confirms something that I had seen in the Word before. Praise God!

Also, his study notes! What can I say? Wow! I finally realized a short time ago that fear was HUGE in my life. I knew that I worried (to me that was different) about some things, but the all-out attack of fear--weel that was something to realize. I guess I had become so used to it that I thought it was normal. Even when Kenneth was teaching about fear (in 2003, I think) I really thought I was okay in that area of my life. But after some BIG changes in my life, I had a chance to step back--finally--and look at fear. I realized I had been steeped in fear my whole life. First, from an abusive older brother (I have forgiven him) and then an abusive husband for over 40 years (I have forgiven him too!) My now ex-husband used fear to "keep me in line." That's his phrase. 

Anyway, the section of notes on fear have helped so much and I am very thankful for that. My children and I are coming out of the fear ladened world that we lived in so long.