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‘Blessed Beyond Measure’

by H.B., Great Britain

Yesterday, I was watching the EMIC service online, as I live in the U.K. During the offering time, I felt led to give what little I had left in my bank, amounting to just over $3, to the ministry. However, my card would not go through, despite the funds being available. I still prayed over my offering, and didn't think any more of it until this morning.

I checked my bank account, as I normally do each morning. Overnight, an unexpected deposit of just over $190 had appeared in my account! I checked with my bank to make sure that this was indeed correct, and they confirmed it was. I am blessed beyond measure with this payment, as now I will have enough to get groceries and other essential items, before my next deposit next week. I know God provided me with this bounty to ensure I would be OK.