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'Awesome God!'

by L.W. , Washington

My husband was diagnosed with leukemia. We prayed, sought nutritional information and went to a neurologist. Then his lymphoid started swelling. Kenneth Copeland had talked about 101 healing scriptures, so I said them over him every day.

His white blood cell count reached 526,000 (3800 to 11,000 is normal). Doctors were amazed that he could even walk. We began a plan to lower his white blood count to a manageable number: 12 treatments, then assessment of other plans. We continued to pray, say our 101 scriptures and watch BVOV. At the clinic, I passed the scriptures out to other patients. We prayed over others and watched God move! On the eighth treatment, the doctor let us know the cancer was gone and there were no signs of leukemia! What an awesome God we serve!