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Anxiety Had to Go!

by K.F., New Smyrna Beach, FL

I had been experiencing what I believe to be a bad anxiety attack. I've been dealing with them for a while but not quite like this: heart palpitations and feeling like I can't take a deep breath; tight and sore in my neck and shoulders. I had been reading through healing scriptures for a while, then decided to watch Healing School on YouTube®, from the 2013 Great Lakes Victory Campaign. The message was titled “In Jesus, Everything Has a Cure.” As I watched, I began to feel better. My heart rate was going back to normal and I was breathing easier. I took authority and spoke to my body as Gloria said to do. While the testimonies were being given, I was so much better I even realized my neck, back and shoulders were not sore anymore. I could turn my head with ease, and it didn't hurt much at all. I am so thankful for Healing School and that our Lord and Savior, Jesus, is always there. Hallelujah. Glory to God.