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Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  


Mar 2: 'Not a Money Problem'!

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, TX

The devil has tried to hide the truth that God’s wants you free in every area of life. Walk in God’s freedom and abundance!


Dec 31: Word of The LORD Through Kenneth Copeland

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church

What about this 2019? How can the marvels and the wondrous works take place? What brings these wonderful works and miracles? What causes these things to be manifest?

Nov 10: An Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

by Kenneth Copeland
Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign

What about 2019? Will there be conflicts? Will there be wars? Rumors of wars? Testings and trials? Yes, there will. But it’ll not come nigh you.

Oct 26: 'You Have a Lot More to Say'!

by Kenneth Copeland
Greater Glory Conference, Alabama

Your words open or limit God’s work in your life. Speak words of victory and expect a long and satisfying life!

Sep 22: 'The Time Has Come'!

by Kenneth Copeland
Charlotte Victory Campaign, Charlotte, North Carolina

It’s time to worship God with even more intensity. Soon you will know Him as the Great Resurrection.

Sep 21: 'Yes, LORD'!

by Kenneth Copeland
Charlotte Victory Campaign, Charlotte, North Carolina

Start your day by making yourself available to The LORD Jesus, and say “Yes, LORD!”

Aug 24: 'You Are In Transition!'

by Kenneth Copeland
Upper Midwest Faith Explosion, Brooklyn Park, MN

Jul 31: 'Now Is the Time'!

by Kenneth Copeland
Southwest Believers' Convention, Ft Worth, TX

Now is the time for you to move up into your calling. Jesus is coming soon!

May 31: ‘An Increase of Signs and Wonders!’

by Kenneth Copeland
Sacramento Victory Campaign, Sacramento, CA

Signs, wonders and miracles are ready to pour out over you!

May 6: 'I Am the LORD!'

by Kenneth Copeland
Nigeria Victory Campaign

God is The LORD, and He is ready to give you whatever you need. Take it!