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Can I download a permanent audio or video copy of KCM broadcasts or events online?

Yes, in the KCM Watch section there are audio or video download links for most items. Just click on the audio or video download link. You will then be prompted to save or open the file. If you select save you will be prompted to select a place on your computer where you would like the file saved. Audio files are available as MP3 downloads and video files are available as MP4 files. Files, especially video files may be quite large, and depending on your internet speed, could take an hour or more to download.

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I see I can download something called Week @ Once. What is that?

The Week @ Once is a popular merger of the five daily Believer’s Voice of Victory programs from each week into a single program that removes the opens and closes so that you can watch the whole week of concentrated teaching in about two hours. The Week @ Once can be downloaded from the TV Broadcast section of KCM.ORG or watched on the KCM ROKU Channel.

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Where can I find the Week @ Once to download?

The Week @ Once files are located on the Watch Section TV Broadcast pages just over the search box. From there, you can download video or audio versions of the whole week. 

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Will the Week @ Once work on an older iPod?

The Week @ Once will work on older devices that can play videos (e.g., iPod Video and newer) and have enough memory to hold the files.

See here for instructions on how to add them to your device.

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I want to put the Week @ Once broadcasts on my smart-device. How do I do that?

To add The Week @ Once from your computer:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Mac: Go to File > Add to Library.
    Windows: File > Add Folder to Library.
  3. Navigate to and select the file or folder you want to add.
  4. Click Open.

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I subscribed to the BVOV Podcast but why aren’t they playing?

Check to make sure there is a strong signal (either cell or Wi-Fi) and that there is enough memory on the device to download the podcasts. From there, select which podcast you’d like to listen to.

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What is Roku and how does it work?

Roku is a set-top box* that delivers broadcast quality programs to your TV set by way of your home’s Internet connection. KCM has a channel with hundreds of hours of programs that can be added to your Roku box free of charge that delivers both the daily and weekly Believer’s Voice of Victory programs in high-definition to properly equipped televisions.

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I have just purchased a ROKU set-top box. Now what do I do?

Follow the instructions that came with the Roku. You will need to create an online account including entering secured credit card information. The credit card information is between you and Roku, and Roku does not share this information with KCM. Roku does not charge any fees for their basic service or free channels. There is only a charge to your credit card if you purchase premium channels or other products through the Roku box. Once you are connected, you can add the KCM Roku channel by navigating to the Roku Channel Store with your included Roku remote.

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I’m trying to watch today’s broadcast on my Roku. Why does the video keep stopping in the middle?

The video may be currently loading because of a slow internet connection. Letting the video load before watching can help out. For more info, click on this link from Roku Support.

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Why does my Roku not play the KCM channel anymore?

Sometimes removing the channel then re-adding from the Channel Store will fix any playing issues. However, a first-generation Roku (it’s shaped like a square) won’t be able to play any channels and needs to be upgraded by buying a newer ROKU box.

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