What is Roku and how does it work?

Roku is a set-top box* that delivers broadcast quality programs to your TV set by way of your home’s Internet connection. KCM has a channel with hundreds of hours of programs that can be added to your Roku box free of charge that delivers both the daily and weekly Believer’s Voice of Victory programs in high-definition to properly equipped televisions. And for children, KCM’s ROKU channel is the only place online that you can watch the Commander Kellie and the SuperKids series of four movies from the 1990’s produced by KCM.

Note: Roku does not charge any subscription fees for its hundreds of free channels although it does provide paid channels. The KCM Roku channel is free. KCM is not affiliated with Roku and does not necessarily endorse other programming that may exist there. Roku is just one of many methods that KCM is using to reach the world.

*See Roku site for set-top box purchasing information (only sold in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland).