The WORD commands us at least 110 times: Fear not!
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Prophets can be a bit of a mystery.

One thing is sure: We need prophets. God has set them among us to protect, watch, release miracles, confirm and impart gifts, engage culture, uproot, plant, tear down, and build—all through speaking out God’s message to His people, at His direction.

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Are your doors locked? Alarm set? Guards in place? Have you checked the perimeter?

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There’s a dream in your heart. You don’t think about it every minute, but it’s always there…calling to you.
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What body part are you in need of today? An eye, eardrum, heart, kidney, thyroid or hip?

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You question your own value or worth. You feel inferior or unsafe around others. You can’t admit your faults. You feel threatened by confident people. You are quick to criticize others.

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When times are tough, our thoughts are often pulled to the quickest solution or even fears about how things could get worse. Singing songs and shouting praise are not at the forefront of our minds.

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It’s time to bust through every misconception of God’s Word and tap into the power of the Scriptures.
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Take time today to renew your mind to what God has to say about your prosperity and success in your health, relationships, finances and more.
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“I have many aggressive enemies; they hate me without reason. They repay me evil for good and oppose me” (Psalm 38:19-20). Do you ever feel the way David did here?

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Instead of begging God to BLESS us, what we ought to be doing is developing our faith in what He has already done for us.
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God wants His people to receive everything He has promised, so knowing what He promised is vital! God’s will is always to prosper His people—He will never forget you nor forsake you. When it seems like there is nothing you can do—speak faith—speak victory.

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If you’re believing for a harvest in your life—whether it be healing, finances, family or all three—once you’ve planted seed, your job isn’t over! God has given us a process of seedtime and harvest. During the time between planting and harvesting, it’s important not to neglect that seed. 

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You likely know that God is good—but do you really know how great His goodness is and how much He wants to bestow it upon you? Perhaps, you’ve struggled with believing and receiving the goodness of God in every area of your life. Here is the answer: Renew your mind to the goodness of God.

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Your thoughts have power. Thoughts in line with the Word of God will protect you—spirit, soul and body. Negative thoughts will cost you dearly in the same areas.

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No matter what you face during this holiday season, you can find encouragement through praise and thanksgiving by honoring God for His goodness and blessings. He is worthy of continual praise, but we must be intentional about offering thanksgiving to Him on a daily basis.

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When you make a decision to step from natural into supernatural living, you will be able to accomplish things you’ve been desiring for years.
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When do you walk in love? All the time.
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The good news is, you can defeat fear and experience with the peace of God.
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If you’ve ever taken a stand of faith for healing, finances, family or any other victory, you know you have a battle on your hands. The enemy knows we were created to triumph, but he has no intention of letting us get to victory without resisting us along the way.

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How can you guard your heart against the barrage of fear and negativity? Keep your faith in action every day.
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Through these scriptures, they began their journey of getting to know the Word, getting to know Jesus…and these scriptures are just as relevant and life-changing today for you, too.
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When you read the Bible, it can change your life. Why then do so many read page after page and never see the breakthrough they need?

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The glory of God isn’t just a feeling, an event or an Old Testament experience—it’s a spiritual tsunami of everything contained in the character of God. It has been called the manifested presence of God, but more than just a presence, it’s power.

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Having a hard day? Everyone experiences one occasionally. When those days hit, you have a choice: You can succumb or you can overcome. Consider these three areas when horrible days happen:

1. Your Words

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