Each of us is called to a wealthy place. It’s a place where we enjoy the prosperity God has in store for us financially, emotionally, physically and in every other way.
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It’s time to bust through every misconception of God’s Word and tap into the power of the Scriptures.
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Take time today to renew your mind to what God has to say about your prosperity and success in your health, relationships, finances and more.
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If you feel like you’ve been living at the bottom of the barrel, struggling to make ends meet, putting things back on the shelf at the grocery store, and praying you’ll have enough just to pay your bills—you aren’t living the life Jesus died to give you! 

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God delights in the prosperity of His children (Psalm 35:27). Did you know that? Do you believe it? If you are struggling to accept God’s provision, or if you doubt that God wants you to prosper in every area of life, then check out what His Word says about the subject:


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Lord, I thank You that You want my family and me to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper because we are Your children. I know that as I study, follow, and obey Your Word, I will succeed in all I do. I am like a tree planted along the riverbank, bearing good fruit each season.

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