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A 3-Step Formula for Success

Applying the Word of God to your life and ministry is the key to success. But sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the hows and whys of applying God’s Word to any given situation. It isn’t meant to be difficult—it’s simple to see the power of God at work!

Years ago, a great man of God shared this three-step formula with Kenneth Copeland, and it has proven true many times over. If you will take these truths and apply them seriously, you will have success in every area of your life. Nothing can hold it back from you. Every Christian endeavor, no matter what it is, will succeed when it is backed with this kind of prayer and dedication, because God Himself is behind it.

Here is a three-step formula for success that you can apply to your life and ministry in faith.


  1. Find the will of God concerning your situation. That is the desire of most believers, but oftentimes, they just don’t know where to begin. You have the right to know God’s plan for your life. God’s Word is always His will. So, seek God by prayer and meditation in the Word concerning your specific situation. While you are seeking God’s will, ask questions of others if you must, but God’s Word is always the ultimate authority. 


  1. Confer no more with flesh and blood. In other words, once you have determined what the will of God is, don’t ask any more questions. Don’t seek any more advice. Don’t hesitate. Just look to the Word and stand firmly on it. Certainly, the devil will come quickly and try to talk you out of it—don’t listen! Confer no more with flesh and blood. The world and the Word don’t always agree, and the world will come to you with “common sense” and “logic.” Remember—there are facts and then there is the TRUTH. Facts can be changed by the truth. You stand firmly on the truth and don’t budge.


  1. Get the job done at all costs. If God has called you to do something—no matter how impossible it may seem—then with God, you can do it! You are capable of doing anything the Word says you can do. You are what the Word says you are. Therefore, you can get the job done, so do it at all costs. 

    It’s likely that you will often find yourself in a position in which it will look so much easier to follow anything else other than the Word. Don’t do it! Put God’s Word first place in your life, and allow it to be final authority. You will have success. All of heaven’s resources—Almighty God, Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy Spirit, all the hosts of heaven—and everything in the Bible promises you that YOU WILL GET YOUR JOB DONE! AND GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED IN YOU!


When you put this three-step formula for success to work in your life and ministry, you will be standing solidly on a rock! No weapon formed against you will prosper. Nothing will be impossible for you. You are a child of the Most High God!


Watch as Kenneth Copeland teaches you to believe, say and act on God’s Word!

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