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A Checklist for Choosing the Right Church


If you’re looking for a home church where you can be rooted and planted according to Psalm 92:13, you probably already know that church shopping can be quite a process. As you prayerfully consider where to plant your family, use this checklist for choosing the right church, and get rooted!

The right church will:

  1. Preach the whole Word of God.

    The full gospel includes healing, deliverance, abundance and victory in every area of life. It does not include God making people sick to teach them something, or endorse poverty in the lives of pastors or believers.
  2. Talk about money.

    If you’re looking for a church that doesn’t talk about money, you’re not looking for the right church. There are more than 2,000 scriptures in the Bible about money. If a church doesn’t teach you how to handle money God’s way, it’s avoiding teaching the full Word of God and keeping you from walking into God’s system of wealth. A church should also preach on the tithe. It’s God’s system to get money to you!
  3. Speak against abortion and stand firm for traditional marriage.

    A church that avoids standing firm on biblical issues facing our nation is a people-pleasing church, rather than a God-pleasing church. If you don’t ever feel a little uncomfortable in a church, in terms of feeling convicted by the Word, you probably aren’t growing. The Church must teach its people what the Bible says about the issues of our day.
  4. Sow into the community.

    If everything stays within the four walls of church, that church is not in the will of God. Jesus said, “Go into all the world” (Mark 16:15). A church needs to be salt and light, and the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost world. You’ll find evidence of a church sowing into the community through serving the hungry, homeless, orphans and widows; and in other ways.
  5. Have fruit.

    The right church will have fruit that is easy to spot. Humility in leadership, order among church staff and during services, and an obvious spirit of love among the people are all fruit that will be present in the right church. If there is manipulation, a controlling spirit, gossip or backbiting, it is not the right church for you.
  6. Welcome you and provide opportunities to connect.

    The right church will make you feel welcome and offer opportunities for you to connect with leadership and other believers.
  7. Foster relationships between members.

    The right church will foster relationships between members through small groups and/or serving ministries within the church.
  8. Provide opportunities to serve.

    The right church will provide opportunities for everyone to serve. It will not be a one-man show or cliquish. It won’t block people from serving. That doesn’t mean you should expect to walk up on the platform and sing, but there will be opportunities for you to serve somewhere.
  9. Cause you to grow.

    Above all, the right church will cause you to grow spiritually (read: You won’t be the same this time next year.). If you leave thinking about the things you need to change or improve in your life, that’s a good sign. If nothing challenges you to go to a higher level, it may not be the right place for you.
  10. Feel right in your spirit.

    When you’re looking for the right church, don’t put on your skeptical, judging glasses—just listen to your spirit. There are no perfect churches and there are no perfect people. Remember—you aren’t perfect either! So, while you want to look for some key things in the natural, let your spirit do the talking when you’re looking for the right church.


Is this checklist for choosing the right church helpful? Remember, these are general guidelines. Choosing the right church is a very important process. Be sure to spend time seeking the Lord for direction because He will tell you exactly where you need to be. Though the right church will bless you, your main purpose should always be to bless the church. Don’t go and be a spectator—look for ways to bless your pastor, serve the church and encourage other believers. Your contribution is needed and required!


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