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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


‘A Miracle Happened!’

by Irina G., Russia

I was in an accident and had two surgeries. I was not able to walk for a long time. Doctors told me that I would not walk at all, but praise God, a miracle happened: I started walking! 

Thank You for Standing With Us

by R. and C.G., South Africa

Praise our Lord, for the healing of our son. Thank you for your prayers and for standing in agreement with us for his healing. We are blessed to be Partners with KCM.

Restoration and Reconciliation

by D.D., Texas

I’m an inmate and my prayer to be reconciled with my father has been answered!

God Called Us to Mexico!

by M. and M.F., Victoria, B.C.

My wife and I have been following your ministry for only a few months. In the last month God has done some life-changing things.

Your Book Changed the Way I Pray

by R.O., California

A few years ago when I was a soldier in Kuwait, I was attending a television conference where they allowed us to talk to our spouses back home.

Allergy Bowed to the Name of Jesus

by Vanessa T., Southampton, U.K.

I have a severe allergy to mosquito bites and was recently bitten four times right at the front of my throat, which normally would be very dangerous.

Jesus Is Lord in Pakistan

by R.C., Pakistan

Glory to God, I received first position in my BSN in nursing. God is good. 

Relationship Restored

by T.M., South Africa

My daddy was ignoring my calls as part of refusing me as his son. I was born outside of marriage.

Your 1998 Partner Book Stirred Me Up, Again

by S.M., South Africa

I’ve been an active Partner with you from 1993. I would get your magazine every month and it turned out to be direct answer to my prayer by May 24, 1993.

Grateful for KCM

by Claudia L., Canada

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Kenneth Copeland and the ministry, for the generous gift of his latest book, which I requested and received, at no cost whatsoever.