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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Preparation Pays

by R.B., South Carolina

My wife was pregnant and having a really hard time. It looked like our son would not be born alive.

God Restores Double

by M.J., Minnesota

God is restoring double in my life—a new beginning. Thank you, KCM, for partnership, for your prayers and for always being there.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

by K.G., Missouri

I was sexually abused by a relative from the time I was 4, then again by the first boy I dated. My life has been riddled with fear and shame.

Family Untouched by Massive Tornado

by Heidi Hislope, Berea, Ky.

April 27, 2011, an F5 tornado destroyed the little town I grew up in, Hackleburg, Ala. My son, mother and uncle still live there, and my daughter lives just a few miles away.

‘My Dream Is to Minister to Women in Prison’

by J.P., Delray Beach, Fla.

Praise the Lord! I want to thank Kenneth Copeland Ministries as I received so much support and reading material while I was incarcerated in North Carolina.

Dad Is in Heaven With Jesus

by Nancy Watson, Alabama

Thank you, KCM prayer line! I called daily for prayer as my family walked my dad through lymphoma cancer. When my sister visited, Dad fainted and stopped breathing.


Testimony of Tithing During the Great Depression

by A.W. Copeland,

In looking back over the years, more specifically the years of the Depression, Vinita and I can see how God really took care of us.

Let Your Light Shine

by Consuelo Gaines,

As a public school teacher, Consuelo Gaines has opportunities every day to be an example of God's love to many people. And God continues to bless her for blessing others.

God Heals, Doctors Marvel

by B. and R.T., United Kingdom

Thank you for standing with my husband and me for his full recovery. His echogram was a good result and he is very well now.

Thank You

by H. and E.L., Jerusalem, Israel

We want to give thanks to you and all your ministry staff working for the kingdom of God so wonderfully, reaching the world with your materials via TV, Internet, magazines, etc.