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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


‘10 Days of Prosperity’: Thank You

by R.L., Canada

I would like to thank George Pearsons and Gloria Copeland for their “10 Days of Prosperity” message. It was beautifully done, and so clearly illustrated that being rich isn't bad or a sin.

Speak the Word!

by Velvet Wiggins, Camp Hill, Pa.

Over 20 years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I read a book from KCM on the blood covenant. Shortly thereafter, I started experiencing symptoms of miscarriage.

'Divine Intervention'

by Anne Lee, Florida

Yesterday at 1:41 p.m., I received a call from my great-grandchild's school saying she had fallen, hit her head and was nonresponsive. At 3:19 p.m.

A Match Made in Heaven

by C. and S.Crary, Pittsburgh, Pa.

I would like to praise God and thank you, KCM, for standing with me. The Lord brought me a marriage partner—the man I had prayed for.

Cancer: Healed!

by S.W., Texas

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2010, I stood on the Word of God for healing, and a friend gave me your book Healing & Wellness—Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan.

'Thank You!'

by H.H., Canada

I’m writing to say thank you for bringing me to Jesus Christ. I was Catholic and attended Mass on Sundays, but came away feeling empty and lost.

God Moved Quickly

by K.G., Virginia

I called for prayer a few months ago, got the job and started within a few weeks. The job sought me out, I didn’t seek it and the owner of the company is a wonderful Christian man.

'Miracles Happen!'

by L.P., Russia

On April 21, 2009, after having an MRI, I was told I had a tumor near my bladder and it was cancer. Doctors told me to go to the hospital immediately.

KCM Showed Me They Care

by N.M., Alexandria, Va.

When my father died from cancer, I had a nervous breakdown and was unemployed. I came across the BVOV broadcast and called for prayer.

God Said It—I Believe It

by V.P., Ukraine

I caught cold and had a complication in my left ear. I ended up having only 30 percent of my hearing. I was only 40 years old.