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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


I'm Healed Because God Loves Me

by D.G., San Antonio, Texas

Debbie Gaston’s experience of healing will not only bless you, but show how truly God’s love will heal every sickness and disease.  Debbie’s journey to victory can be a pattern for your person


Thank You for the Bible!

by Larry V., Canada

I would personally like to shake your hands for opening my eyes to a much more beautiful world! I wrote a letter a few weeks back asking for a King James Version of the Bible.

‘God Has Forgiven Me’

by L.A.B., England

The last book you sent, THE BLESSING of The LORD by Ken Copeland, was really fantastic. The enormity of God’s love for us is really described in that book.

The Promise of Protection

by M.R., California

My grandson was at a party where a gunman came in and shot four people. But God had already put him on my heart to be praying for him. At 2:15 in the morning I received a phone call from him.


by K.K., Florida

Thank you for the BVOV magazine. I was in the process of losing my home but God was telling me that He was in control and that all I needed to do was to have faith in THE BLESSING.

Tuberculosis Healed by the Word

by S.D., Africa

In 2009, I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. I was paralyzed for eight months. By the power of God, I received my healing but the doctor said my left lung was affected and damaged.

Forgiveness Opened My Eyes

by E.K., Norway

Thank you so much for the letters I receive as a Partner and for prayer when I need it.

You Stood With Me for My Healing!

by Ann C., Woking, Surrey

When I got sick a year ago, God encouraged me to ring you. Speaking with and having you pray for me was so powerful. I needed people who understood the Word of God and how to pray in faith.

‘Our Business Is Growing’

by R. and J.W., New York

We are Partners with KCM, and wanted to thank you for the prayers. Our business is growing.

'The Meaning of Salvation'

by K.B., Illinois

The meaning of salvation had never been made clear to me until I listened to Kenneth and Gloria’s CDs. There is so much more I’ve gained from just these two CDs.