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'Miracles Happen!'

by L.P. , Russia

On April 21, 2009, after having an MRI, I was told I had a tumor near my bladder and it was cancer. Doctors told me to go to the hospital immediately. Everybody stood for me and prayed for me—I believed that Jesus took all my sicknesses and carried all my diseases. Day and night I listened to tapes of BVOV. Praise God I had been recording them since 2003.
Thank you for your magazine, because in the first lines I read: “For God it is as easy to heal from cancer as it is from a headache.” I took hold of it immediately. Thank you for your Partner support. In four weeks I was healed without any injections and the tumor went out of my body. Doctors examined me for several weeks and found nothing. The doctor who examined me said, “Miracles happen!”