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God’s Word Consumes Cancer

by J.T., Fiji

My husband was diagnosed with “squamous cell carcinoma”—cancer of the voice box. Four days prior to receiving the results of his biopsy, his whole neck started swelling, he couldn’t swallow without pain and his windpipe was closing! 
I had read an account of a Partner of yours in the U.S., and how God healed him of lymphoma. So we decided to take God at His Word, and prayed and stood for my husband’s healing. 
God reduced the swelling, he started breathing normally again, the pain’s all gone, he’s eating again and last but not least, God led us to Hebrews 12:29. God was the “radio therapy” that my husband needed to eradicate and burn and consume all mutated and malignant cells in his body! 
God is so awesome and I’m still trying to comprehend it all! Praise God!